Steps to install EMBL-EBI EMBOSS on Apple Silicon Mac

EMBL-EBI EMBOSS is a set of bioinformatics tools, such as the pairwise sequence alignment software Needle, that run on Mac, Linux, and Windows. But neither Anaconda or Homebrew provides the package for Apple Silicon (ARM64). Furthermore, Safari doesn't allow users to access EMBOSS' or any other FTP site due to security concerns. Also, the command line ftp is long gone from Mac OS.

The remaining option for M1 and M2 Mac users is Finder. Get it, not a web browser, to open the URL and download the latest source package (version 6.6.0 as of November 4, 2022).

Once you have downloaded and uncompressed the tar.gz file, open and hit

$ cd <your directory>/EMBOSS-6.6.0
$ ./configure --without-x
$ make
$ sudo make install

I chose the without-x option since I use EMBOSS via Biopython and don't need it to work on X-Window.

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